The Presentation of ‘Beads of Excellence’

Friday, June 29, 2018 – the first day of the official start of Summer School Vacation, a nearly packed to capacity Vancouver International Film Centre was the home-based venue for Season 5 VIP Premier Release Screening. The ‘by invitation only’ guest audience experienced a red-carpet picture opportunity and a chance to meet, watch two episodes, ask questions and share a few giggles and smiles with a rising star named Zoey.

ZOEY SIEWERT is a Sparky, Spunky, Funny, Entertaining 11-year-old and the Host of ‘Finding Stuff Out’ that will air on Vancouver, British Columbia based Knowledge Networks, Knowledge Kids commencing on July 7, 2018 at 11am.

There certainly are not too many 11-year-olds that have their own show. ‘Finding Stuff Out’ with Host Zoey Siewert is a show that features, songs, skits, cool professional experts answering questions that kids want to know, along with real kids doing wacky experiments. No question is too weird to investigate, and Zoey is game for anything!

Zoey’s arduous work, persistence and dedication simply paid off and is a testimony to SAGE Foundation’s mission which is to recognize the wealth of talent and achievement in British Columbia’s rich and diverse cultural and social landscape and to create a healthy dialogue with our youth and contribute to integration and a sense of belonging.

Honoré Gbedze, Founder of SAGE Foundation presented Zoey with a ‘Beads of Excellence’ Necklace at the Season 5 VIP Premier Release Screening. The Beads represents four attributes and each attribute has an assigned colour – Hope and Encouragement(Green), Inspiration(Red), Motivation(Blue), Excellence(Gold).

There is no question that ZOEY has all the attributes represented by the Beads she received. This little mighty spark plug has inspired us and encourages all the young community members to apply themselves to whichever goals they have in mind and strive for higher results.

Keep your feet on the ground and reach for the stars!