Alexander Academy Announces The Aspiring Leaders Scholarship Initiative With Its Partner, The Sage Foundation

Berenice Lewis Head of School & Honore Gbedze Founder of Sage Foundation 4Vancouver, April 14, 2016: The Sage Foundation recognizes excellence and achievements by youth thus creating the perfect partner to have with us in this endeavor.

Our students are leaders! They are leaders in their classes, the Academy, and their community. We see this happening every day at Alexander Academy. Whether it is leading their group in projects such as our Graduation 2016 Video or reaching out to the community and volunteering at local soup kitchens.

It is with this realization that we have created the Aspiring Leaders Scholarships. This is our chance to offer outstanding BC local high school students, in Grades 8 – 12, the opportunity to become a part of our unique community. Honore Gbedze, editor in chief of TAN – The Afro News and founder of the Sage Foundation, embodies the spirit and hope that we have for our youth. It is why we cherish the partnership with this organization and we are so pleased to have them on board.


We are looking for those individuals who not only excel academically but who also have dreams to excel and flourish in their lives. Our students have dreams of succeeding whether it is in family businesses or going on to post-secondary studies; they all have this in common. They believe that with hard work and effort, they will reach their goals! Every student’s path is unique.
Berenice Lewis, our Head of School, welcomes Canadian applicants and is happy to partner with the Sage Foundation in this endeavour!

The Aspiring Leaders Scholarships are open for submissions until May 31st. Apply Now

Details can be found on our website – or contact us at