English Language Acquisition

Is low English level a barrier to success in your life here in Vancouver or Canada? Our classes will give you the skills, tools, and knowledge to feel confident using your English in any setting!  We have classes for every level and for many different contexts.

Beginner [$375] 38 hours

Using the essential skills of literacy, numeracy document use learners will acquire the basic English skills to live in Canada. We will learn basic grammar and general pronunciation all based on every day topics that will help you have your first conversations in English.

Intermediate [$375] 38 hours

Our intermediate class will give you the language skills to express yourself in a variety of settings including workplaces, in the community and in social interactions with friends and neighbours. We will practice stress and intonation to help you have rich English Conversations.

Adv. English for the Workplace [$375] 38 hours/level

Offered in 2 levels this course if for those working in a professional work environment. We will give you the language, culture and etiquette to thrive. Learn general professional languages such as professional correspondence, workplace culture, mock presentations, and much more.