The SAGE Foundation was founded as a non-profit organization in 2007 to recognize excellence in Community Service, Leadership or Multiculturalism.

Our mission is to create a healthy dialogue with our youth and to contribute to integration and a sense of belonging. SAGE is developing communication workshops and welcomes partnerships with schools and community groups to support youth workshops and mentorships and to offer elements to parents and elders to further build community.

Our Inspiration

We recognize the wealth of talent and achievement in British Columbia’s rich and diverse cultural and social landscape. We believe these talents and achievements MUST be noted and praised and we feel that people who are supported will be inspired to continue to excel. We hope to do this through shared and common goals that motivate, unite and inspire.

Dedication and persistence, what used to simply be called hard work, does pay off. SAGE wishes to encourage community members to apply themselves and to strive for higher results and thereby to inspire others.

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