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Sage Foundation is in its early years. There is room to grow and evolve. There is room for you to contribute your ideas. As a team we work continuously to improve and need open, positive minds to generate ideas and move forward to together

Join in the effort to help build a better future and to strengthen our community.

Can you…?

  • Support the work directly with funds
  • Suggest ideas, activities
  • Lend your time
  • Share advice you achieved through experience and skills

Join us in opening doors and minds in any of the ways you can help. We need you!

Our Objectives

  1. To offer mentorship and financial support, including scholarships, to elementary, secondary and post-secondary in BC for demonstrated excellence in Community Service, Leadership or Multiculturalism
  2. To hold an annual event to award prizes and promote the work of outstanding students
  3. To unite and inspire students from all backgrounds to work together to enhance the leadership capabilities of all and to promote multicultural values in BC

We remain committed to being open minded in educating youth on the importance of working together and to find projects in which they will experience it, apply it and have it as a life skill.

For more information contact E-mail:

Tel: 604.646.0474 Fax: 604.646.0473 Address: 610 – 825 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC, V6Z 1K9

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