Mawunyo Honore Gbedze | Founder / Co-Chair

Honore Mawunyo Gbedze

Honore Mawunyo Gbedze

Mawunyo Komla (Honore) Gbedze was born May 1972 in Atigbe Abayeme, a village in the province of Agou, in Togo, Africa.

From the age of eight, Honore learned to work, earn and be responsible. From his teacher father and his entrepreneurial mother he inherited the legacy of community development and participation. His great grandparents instilled their wisdom and the family’s commitment to meeting and solving challenges positively.

Working with Togo’s top hotels and resorts he achieved his professional certification as chef. Togo’s political and economic hardships required that Honore begin again in Canada.

Now in Vancouver and eager to contribute, he continues his 21 year career as chef and has expanded ways for Africans and the world to understand more about each other. Honore bridges communication as host and producer of La Palabre radio show, as publisher of The Afro News and founder of charitable efforts to share resources.

Honore says, “I always believed that education was the most critical for building a strong, vibrant and competitive Canada for the next generation to be ready to lead well our Nation in the coming future. Giving talented students an opportunity to excel would result in successive new generations of leaders. We can do it with your support and invite joining us to make a difference.”

Honore received some prestigious Canadian awards he is a recipient of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012 and Nesika Business Award Winner in 2011.

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