Farid Rohani | Honorary Board Member

Farid Rohani

Farid Rohani

Farid Rohani is a business man and community leader.  An enterprising and hard-working individual, Farid has volunteered and led many significant organizations as an engaged and contributing citizen.

Farid has a number of prominent leadership roles both locally and internationally.  He serves as the Chair of the Laurier Institution.  He is also a board member of the Nowruz Commission, an international organization based in Washington, D.C. that is represented by leading figures in politics, business and the arts whose mandate is to promote the values of peaceful cooperation, multiculturalism and social renewal for humanity.

Professionally, Farid is the President of the Columbia Medical Clinic, a multidisciplinary community healthcare provider based in Metro Vancouver; however, his background also includes a number of other successful ventures including founding the first multi-outlet consumer video chain store group in BC and founding an automobile parts import and  distribution company.  In addition to his multi-industry operating business experience, Farid has been and continues to be active in both real estate development and asset management.


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