Our Goals

As we move forward in our programs and services development, we will:

  • Increase the employment opportunities for our communities. Through the partnerships we develop, the information we share and the technology and innovative practices we develop, we will support and assist our community members. 
  • Focus on the importance of those unemployed individuals in our communities and develop employer partnerships that will  promote job creation and employment; 
  • Identify human resource needs with employers; 
  • Assist communities and employers to identify and meet provincial labour market needs; 
  • Enhance and develop skill levels of citizens in our communities which will increase their success in not only obtaining but also retaining their employment;
  • Address regional and sector specific labour market needs with employers.

The Sage Foundations’ main intention of our program and service development is to prepare unemployed individuals in our communities. This will be achieved by establishing employer partnerships, in-classroom training, job shadowing, work experience, counseling, vocational and/or utilizing learning assessments, building job search skills and seeking out mentorship opportunities. 


  • Sage Leaders (Volunteer Club – Opportunities)

Sage Leaders are those individuals who donate their time and are dedicated to our work reaching out to the community.

As we develop more community events, we will offer volunteer opportunities to those wishing to developing skills such as event management, logistics, and customer service opportunities.

Part of our 2020 goals is to provide services to youth and new immigrants looking for volunteer opportunities. We will provide assistance in searching opportunities, preparing resumes and cover letters and assist with applications with events and organizations throughout the lower mainland.

  • Youth Leadership

The Sage Foundation is committed to the youth across in our communities. We aim to provide them with tools and educational resources which in turn, will develop strong, healthy and happy leaders.

In the next year, we will be developing the Sage Mentors program and Sage Advisory Council, guided by Sage but led by individual students.  

The Sage Youth Summit will happen yearly and will host guest speakers, provide workshops developing new skills and awareness of issues facing youth while building community connections.


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