Honore Gbedze given Nesika Award from BC Minister Harry Bloy

Nesika Award Recipients

Nesika Award Recipients

The week of November 14-18, 2011 was declared as Multiculturalism Week in British Columbia.

MLA Harry Bloy, Minister of Multiculturalism and MLA Colin Hansen, Minister of Finance hosted the 3rd Annual 2011 Nesika Awards Ceremony on November 18 at the Vancouver Museum.

THE AFRO NEWS-TAN was the winner of the 2011 Nesika Award under the Business category for operating a business that embraces Diversity.

‘Nesika’ is Chinook for ‘we, us, our’. It comes from a trade language used by many different Aboriginal linguistic groups along the west coast of North America.

In its true form Nesika is a direct link to diversity and the mission statement of The Afro News ‘voice of unity’ is in true alignment.

Congratulations and a sincere Thank You to the Publisher, Editors, Writers, Graphic Designers, Photographers, Printer, Distributors, Advertisers, Sponsors and Readers your dedicated work and continued support has made this Provincial recognition possible.

Nesika Award Press Release

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