Announcement of New 1st Ambassador of Sage Foundation

Cheryl Grenick

Cheryl Grenick

It is my pleasure to announce that Cheryl Grenick will be joining our organization on September 20, 2011 in the position of our 1st Ambassador.

Educated as an Elementary School Teacher in Winnipeg, Cheryl moved to Vancouver in 1990 and started teaching ESL in the Educational Industry. Over the years she took on many roles including administrative and program development. She was always open to new projects that allowed her to have a hand in marketing, designing promotional material and presenting information. She has been fortunate to travel to many destinations around the world where she met some outstanding individuals and immersed herself into each new culture that she was introduced to.

Cheryl currently works for International Conference Services in the Educational Division, known as Education and Career Fairs (ECF) which provides her with the opportunity to have an impact on the future of our youth. Her exposure with this entity and the Education Industry and the many contacts that she has will be a strong asset to our Foundation and its mission and purpose.

Please join me in welcoming Cheryl Grenick to our organization.


Honoré Gbedze

Founder & CEO SAGE Foundation

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