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SageSage Foundation ( Social Acceptance of Great Excellence )

Helping Youth  Vancouver British Columbia .

The SAGE Foundation was founded as a non-profit organization in 2007 to recognize excellence in Community Service, Leadership or Multiculturalism.

Our mission is to create a healthy dialogue with our youth and to contribute to integration and a sense of belonging.

The Sage Foundation is seeking a volunteer to help maintain a website. Familiarity with WordPress and PHP will be an asset. If you are interested in helping, please provide us with a summary of your experience and skills. Let us know when you will be available and how much time you could donate.

Your contribution will make difference .

Dedication and persistence what use to simply be called hard work, does pay off . Sage wishes to encourage community members to apply themselves and to strive for higher results and thereby to inspire others .

Look forward to hearing from you.




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