SAGE Foundation GoFundMe Project

Dear Board Members, Ambassadors, Friends and Supporters of SAGE Foundation

It is my great privilege and honour to inform you all about our first SAGE Award recipient Alex Francois who was selected by the Idaho University of Boise on a full scholarship this year.

Our combined humble efforts of encouragement and support have proven we can build excellence in our youth who show great initiative through education and hard work.

No matter how great the challenges are, everything is possible through perseverance.

A online campaign has been launched for SAGE Foundation helping raise funds to continue making a difference for our youth – building a better community through recognition of excellence in Education, Community Service, Leadership,  and Multiculturalism.

Please share this link with those who show interest and desire in supporting the efforts of SAGE Foundation.

Let us build positive leaders in our youth and a future of excellence. Together we can make it happen.

Our next event: Africando Livre et Art Soiree ​on Saturday 2pm May 23 at Bill Reid Gallery, 639 Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC.  Tickets by Donation

Yours sincerely,

Honore Gbedze


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